Monday, May 10, 2021

How to bypass “Cinavia” protection while playing movies on your Sony Playstation 3

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While watching a movie on my Sony Playstation 3 via TVersity media server this afternoon i got a message about the content played is protected by Cinavia and the sound muted, i got frustrated and head over the internet to search a solution to my issue.

As i found out Cinavia is a digital rights management system created by Verance. It requires two parts to work: a proprietary imperceptible audio watermark, and a piece of hardware which is able to detect that watermark. Known hardware which can detect Cinavia watermarks include the PlayStation 3 (Began With V3.10 System Software), as well as newer Blu-ray players. Cinavia is not detected in a DTS audio stream on PS3 (Must have HDMI w/DTS receiver).

After searching the Internet i  found out that there were more people with this issue and many but many solutions were available but i’ve found 4 that are valid, others were just a scam to get money of you and the only stable solution was if you had an old firmware on your playstation that leaves Super Slim Playstation owners like me in the dark because there is no working Jailbreak for our firmware (4.31).

The first solution as i read was to go to your date/time settings and set your year value to one year or two in the future and this should fix your problem, but you have to do this every time you get the warning and that is every 20 minutes.

But i saw and found a more logical solution, how about disabling your Playstation for accessing the internet and checking if your audio stream is one of those that should be blocked? Sounds logical doesn’t it? Well, this is only 50% true because as i read later on Cinavia playback protection is embedded into the movie’s sound – clever.

Unfortunately if you disable your network connection using the Playstation settings it will not work as you are streaming your movies using your computer. You should be fine if you burn them into a dvd or host them in your usb drive but this solution will not work if you are streaming like i am.

How about allowing LAN connection but disable WAN (Internet) connection to your Playstation? That will do the trick as i am not using my Playstation to play online.

Luckily, my Linksys router had a custom firware called DD-WRT that i flashed after i started using it, so if you have a router that has DD-WRT you can follow the small tutorial below to fix those annoying messages on your Playstation when they will appear – trust me they will.

Error Message 1: Playback Stopped

“Playback stopped. The content being played is protected by Cinavia and is not authorized for playback on this device.”

Error Message 3: Audio Muted

“Audio output muted. Do not adjust the playback volume. The content being played is protected by Cinavia and is not authorized for playback on this device.”

  • Login in your router settings panel, this should be at
  • Head over at Access Restrictions section
  • Enter a Policy name of your choice
  • Select Deny next to “Internet access during selected days and hours”
  • Select Everyday

  • Press the Edit list of clients button
  • On the next panel you can put your Playstation’s MAC Address or IP, i’ve choosen MAC to be sure.


  • Press Save then Apply settings
  • The Address panel should close and you should now see the previous one
  • Scroll down and press Save then Apply settings
  • Voila, your Playstation should now have access to your LAN but not WAN (Internet)

To verify this head over your Playstation settings – Network settings – Internet connection test, it should give you a LAN ip but display an error when it does not the Internet Connection test.

Also i’ve noticed that i had to change the name of the movie i was previously playing in order for it to play without the Cinavia warning.

Note that this might not work for some, so here’s another solution i found

  • Go to your sound settings on your Playstation 3
  • Select audio output settings
  • Switch from HDMI to Optical digital (even if you use HDMI)
  • Select every setting there is, then SAVE IT. Sound will be disabled do not worry next step will re-enable it.
  • Once its saved, it will take you back to sound settings, select audio multi-output and turn it ON. This will re-enable your sound.

The Last solution is to just find a version of the movie you want to watch that do not have the cinavia protect, but again this is just for now as more companies are starting to use Cinavia.

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