Thursday, February 27, 2020

How to fix “There’s an internal problem with your device. Contact your manufacturer for details.” message after updating your Nexus device

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If you are using a Nexus device and after updating manually or using a custom rom like cyanogenmod you see the above message, worry not and read along.

My story.

I decided to update my Nexus 6P running cyanogenmod today. The update included the latest January security updates from Google, after finishing the update procedure the following dialog appeared with the message “There’s an internal problem with your device. Contact your manufacturer for details.”

I won’t lie, this did not sit right with me. Then i remember that when i unlocked the bootloader at first in order to flash a custom recovery and root my device, i saw a similar message appearing when the phone boots. Then after a simple search i found out that the issue i was facing was nothing serious and was similar to what you get when you unlock the Nexus bootloader.

The Solution

The issue is that the /system/build.prop and the /vendor/build.prop values don’t match. All you need to do is head over the official Google website that hosts the factory images for Nexus devices, download the latest build for your device. In my case it was build MMB29P that includes the latest January security patch.

After that you will get a zipped file that you need to open and get the vendor.img, which you will need to flash.

In order to flash the vendor.img you found you will need to put your phone into the bootloader mode, go into the folder you have adb and flashbootinstalled – i recommend installing the full SDK tools from Google and not some quick solution. After booting into the bootloader and making sure you have the vendor.img in the same folder that you have adb and flashboot installed you just type fastboot flash vendor vendor.img. Reboot your device and the message should be gone.

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Marios Polyviou
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